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Tonight, in Bad Advice...

We went to visit my FiL this evening, and talk turned to Mr. Ivriniel's efforts to market his company. Mr. I has been running his own business for almost two years now, and is looking to do some more heavy marketing, and his major client is winding down. Talk turned to his quest for a logo, and all of a sudden my FiL started saying that he hates the name of Mr. Ivriniel's company.

It's nearly two years old. The "speak now or forever hold your peace" moment was a long time ago.

Anyways, my FiL's other contribution to the conversation was "Remember when I started my company 30 years ago? I had brochures printed up, and I mailed them out to local businesses. That was how I landed my first big client. You should do the same. Spend a couple thousand sending out lots of brochures!"


My thoughts through all this: Yes, when dinosaurs roamed the Earth, that was how you managed to drum up some business. But you're past 65, and recently have started working for H and R Block to help make ends meet. I don't think your business model is one Mr. I wants to emulate.

How exactly Mr. I should go about marketing his computer consulting company, I do not know, but I do not think flyers are going to cut it. He has purchased a website domain name, but unfortunately the friend who was going to do the website had a heart attack last week. (He's going to be ok.). Also Mr. I is looking for a logo before he gets too far into the website thing.

Anybody have any tips as to how to find a graphic designer? He's been talking to a local graphic designer on our street, but so far his proposed designs have been less than inspiring.

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