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Welcome To The Bitchery

Tonight’s CNN series started with right after JFK was shot. The reaction of Bobby and swearing in of LBJ.

I have seen clips of the funeral before and seeing John Jr salute is heartwrenching. I was unaware of the backstory.

I was amazed at Bobby. The series has shown Bobby as a tenacious fighter against crime especially organized crime and Castro but also a very compassionate almost tender man. Yet his selfawareness struck me.


Bobby thought his work may have brought about his brothers death. I do not see that in politics today definately not in the Executive Branch and Congress.

I als did not know Jackie was the one who coined the JFK presidency as Camelot. I also was unaware how much she was involved in the funeral.

Bobby ran for NY senate and won. He got involved with poverty especially child malnutrician.

Watching how he acted the night MLK JR died the a few months later Bobby was killed.


I cannot think how those bullets not just killed individuals who thought beyond their own needs and desires but also reverberated today with the election of a man incapable of selfreflection and desires only what he wants.

It happened all in less then 50 years. Yet these Trump voters lived then maybe as children, maybe those with who shared the same thoughts as Trump voters today. I have to wonder how many cheered their killers. I know damn well and so don’t all of you if President Obama or Hillary had suffered the same fate these Trump voters would have tweeted “congratulation” and calling it a good day.

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