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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Tonight was BULLSHIT

So a few days ago a suuuuper cute guy messaged me on OkCupid.

He's in my city for a couple of weeks for work, and wanted to meet up for drinks. I was like 'oh yes, a fun fling with a hot smart guy'. So we texted a bit last night and made a date for tonight at a bar I like. We agreed to meet at around 5:45-6ish and I arrived first, so I texted him. He said he was running a little late, and I told him it was no problem.


The rest of our conversation:

Him: I am so lost

Me: Haha where are you?

Him: It is not funny, I think my GPS is off because none of the streets it says are even close


Me: So what street are you on now? I can call you and give you directions.

30 minute gap

Him: I was rear ended while I was trying to read a street sign. Could we reschedule, this is really embarrassing.


Me: It's really ok! No need to feel bad at all. I can even come scoop you up if you'd like


Me: I'm heading home. Let me know if you want to meet up tomorrow.

I sent that last text about 30 minutes ago and still haven't gotten a response. I got to the bar at 6 and left at 8:30. The thing is, you can literally see the hotel he's staying at from the street the bar is one. It's seriously like 1 mile away. This is in addition to the fact that cute nerdy guy with the adorable cat hasn't talked to me in over two weeks now. I cried the whole way home and now I'm just sitting here with smudgy makeup feeling stupid and angry and defeated.


Gifs please?

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