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Tonight's Gummi: Frankford Gummy Body Parts

Greetings, friends of gummi! Late October is a quiet time for regional gummi releases, but those of us as the Gummi Research Institute™ wanted to take a moment to shine a light on one of the more colorful seasonal gummi releases, Frankford's Gummy (they favor the Americanized spelling) Body Parts.

Packaging is important, and the coffin-shaped container these arrive in gain them a few goodwill points, to be sure. There are five basic variations on display here: the gummi disembodied brain, the gummi severed ear, the gummi severed foot, the gummi severed finger and the gummi plucked-out eyeball. Each has its own character. To wit:

Gummi disembodied brain: duotonal, with softer gray matter gummi encased in more firm red skull-gummi. Pleasant toothbounce, both layers kick back at your bite nicely, the gray matter has a little less flavor, the red tends to dominate, as in real brain-eating. But a fairly realistic simulacrum. Well done.


Gummi severed ear: similarly duotonal, with the peachy earflesh encased in the blood-red effluence of severage. Very pleasant, nice spine of firm gummi flavor; if anything the comment is the same as the above, the blood flavor tends to dominate.

Gummi severed foot: Much more firmness here, there's almost no bloodgummi flavor, and the gentle peachiness of the gummi-flesh isn't overwhelmed by the small amount of gummi blood. I find this more harmoniously balanced than the previous two, and the tiny gummi toes are a pleasure to nom on.

Gummi severed finger: the weak link. A simple blend of half gummi blood-congeal and half gummi flesh. Softer than its colleagues, less interesting. Decent, but wan.

Gummi plucked-out eyeball: back on firmer ground now. This is the lone tritonal gummi among this set, and the complexity is appreciated. There's a white-ish base layer of spongy vitreous humor that serves as a nice neutral backdrop. On top of that, a green, firm layer of gummi cornea that really fights back, texturally speaking. And lastly a very dark, dense layer of pupil-gummi that echoes the same firmness and raises the bar a notch. Nicely layered, artfully crafted.


Final Gummi Grade: A solid B+ for artful presentation and a clever mixup of textures and flavors. More consistency would have pushed the grade higher; the gummi severed finger, for example, does not rise above the pedestrian.

Enjoy your gummis, friends of gummi! Happy Halloween!

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