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No, don't worry, there was more than one sausage apiece!

So, since we're at the end of things, meals are becoming a bit of a mish-mash. The 2 little kids had 3 sausages each, and some leftover rice and hamburger stew that I freshened up with Thai chili sauce, soy aminos, and Worcestershire and then stir-fried. It was eh (it hadn't been very good the first time, either!), and my 10 year old preferred to have just the sausages and the last handful of tortilla chips dipped in peanut butter. My 9 year old liked it, though. They're also having hot chocolate made with the Dari-free mix some kind GTer sent last month :)


The other 6 sausages I'm tucking away in the fridge to make gf fruit and sausage muffins tomorrow, using the last of the fruit sauce from yesterday. Those will probably for after school snack.

For those of us who are NOT gluten/dairy-free, I made 2 boxes of mac and cheese shells using only one packet of the cheez-wiz-type sauce (stashed the other one for later use on plain pasta). I tossed in a can of diced luncheon meat (spam), and a couple handfuls of frozen peas. (Pic in comments, cuz my phone is stupid.) It was pretty tasty.

So, there you have it. Tonight's creativity!

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