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Tonsillectomy aka All Aboard the Pain Train

So I got my tonsils taken out 5 days ago and not gonna lie THE PAIN. But shit has been going really well otherwise. I totally screwed the pooch when I came out of surgery and told The Consort I loved him. The best part was trying to whisper explain that I knew it was super early and he didn’t have to say it back, for him to tell me to stop panicking because of course he loves me too. So I’ve basically moved in with him for the next 2 weeks while I’m recovering, because we’re idiots.

So far everything I’ve eaten has a weird after taste. I hope this goes away. I used to be the sugar queen and now I would sell my mama for chips and salsa. That Pizza Hut stuffed garlic crust commercial is the devil, I want it inside of me.

THE PAIN is real y’all. I’m lucky that my pain tolerance is fairly high and the pain meds actually work. I actually got excited because my scabs are falling off which means more PAIN but also healing.


Also I am not getting any kind of paid leave because I am one month shy of a year on the job. I guess the student loan people gonna be up my ass this month. But I gives no fucks because The Pain puts shit in perspective.

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