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Too Beastly for Beauty but at least he ain't Gaston amirite

In response to no small amount of kvetching I’ve been doing on Twitter about relationships in the past few weeks, some of my writing compatriots have been inspired to look at some of the cultural factors involved in romantic self-deception. Namely, fairy tales (and religious thinking but that hasn’t come up yet). I wasn’t sure what to expect but I’m pleasantly surprised at this lengthy breakdown of the romantic wrongs of Beauty and the Beast and I thought I would share with you good folk. Full disclosure: Thursday Tales (the blog) is owned by me but this series (FTW:A) is not written or in any way run by me. I’d have shared this post regardless where it came from because I just think it is really damn good.  


This post touches on issues of women’s desires and interests being ignored, women being automatically assumed as destined to marry (perhaps even some brute!), and Belle basically having to mother the shit out of Beast in order for him to turn into some semblance of a person with manners. I hadn’t ever considered any of this (I also have never seen Disney’s Beauty and the Beast but based on every YouTube video about it -ever-, I think I have the basic idea down.) in terms of the story and what it is teaching the young people most likely to watch, enjoy, and absorb it. Land sakes knows that whole “Belle is a smart, independent woman” thing goes right out the window, though.

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