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Too Early for This Shit

Of course, I'm bitching about facebook.

While I am totally relieved that the people pissing me off are not my personal friends, I just cannot handle the arrogance! A friend of mine posted a Buzzfeed link showing the baby box from Finland. A dude friend of hers said something about it not being free, just that the parents don't pay for it. I had to jump in to say they do pay taxes, so yes, they pay for it. Some may pay more than others, but every newborn gets stuff they need! And you're fucking nit picking about where it comes from. I bet he calls himself pro-life too. Bluuuurrrghhhhh.

The other thing was another dude friend of my friend commenting on a the video of those military guys watching Frozen. Something about it being disturbing that a group of guys is watching that movie. The fuck, dude? Pretty sure no one asked you. There's nothing at all wrong with forced machismo, right?


I caaaaaan't.

So I'm gonna go work this out in my BodyJam class and come back to immerse myself in the warm embrace of GT smarts.

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