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Too frightened to bring this up on the MP because I feel like I'll get a lot of abuse, so if I do I'd rather it was from you guys...

Have any of you had to over come racist misconceptions to travel somewhere? BoyFloreat is going to India next year for an internship, and wants me to join him for his last couple of weeks. Obviously he'd be with me the whole time and such, but with the constant stories about women, including tourists, being raped, 'Eve teased' and generally being in danger, I can't pretend that I'm not afraid to go. Then I get a whole bunch of white guilt because I know the media is enjoying reporting about Indian rapes atm while ignoring western rapes, so I worry that I'm just being racist. It doesn't help when I research online.

Also, are there any places in India that are known for being quite safe? BoyFloreat will be in Mumbai but is willing to travel for the last couple of weeks with me, so at first I thought I might go to Goa but apparently in recent years Indian tourists in Goa have been taking pictures of women on the beach and following them and stuff, plus the police apparently often try to entrap people with planted drugs?!?! Honestly, it's hard t know what is reasonable travel advice and good old fashioned racism. :(

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