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Too intense

Yup, it got too intense in here.

New therapist asked me “So what does your family do when they see you express emotion.”

Me: “They leave the room.”

If I was throwing things, I’d get it. If I was acting threatening I’d get it. That shit is scary.


My two examples of my being too intense.

I started to stifle a cry in front of my mom because I was sleep deprived and upset that my shift got switched from night to day again, meaning I’d make less money this week. Also, it’s really hard on the body to constantly switch sleep schedules.

She left the room.


I didn’t know the party I was attending next week was a theme party, so my sister explained to me who the party was for, that it was a birthday party, (all things I knew) then got annoyed at me for picking up the wrong card (I picked up the one that was the most interesting to me, but apparently that was a terrible choice because it wasn’t colourful enough), and the how she’s so sure they didn’t mean anything by not sending me a card (I knew that because I was told about the birthday by the host, excluding the theme part). I rolled my eyes and sighed. She continued about the card and how I shouldn’t be mad at them for not sending me one.


Me: “Can we drop it, because I’m not mad at them for not sending a card, but going on about it like this.”


“Ohhhh well that got too intense, I’m gonna head out.”

“Really? This is too intense for you? Really?”

“Yes, the tension is too much.”

I must have a death stare or Lost Girl Valkyrie level of intimidation that I don’t know about.


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