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Too many leftovers and too many pills!!

So who wants to bring beer and their leftovers and help me clean out my fridge?? What? I need to ask mrchien before I invite strangers over to eat our food?? He wont mind at all!! But seriously, i have too much food that's going to spoil soon.. anyone have a recipe for rapidly aging mangoes?? I'm also weird in that I hate throwing away food cuz i didn't eat it in time... am i the only one like that? If i didn't live in a tiny apt i'd probably attempt to compost. Attempt...

Also i'm getting really tired of keeping track of all the pills i'm taking. The addition of antibiotics four times a day, the bonus instruction to stand for ten minutes after taking said pill is driving me nuts, esp with all the other pills i take to manage various other conditions. This going into middle age is no joke :(


So anyone have big weekend plans? Any ideas for getting rid of leftovers without guilt?

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