Hey there GTers, time for a poll!

I have an idea for a photography series that I want to do, called: Signs of Gentrification. For the past 9 years I have been living in Bed Stuy Brooklyn, currently New York City's (possibly America's) leading hotbed of gentrification. I have...strong feelings about this phenomenon.

As I walk around my once-quaint, neighborly neighborhood on the evenings and weekends I often take pictures of the evidence of gentrification. I think they tell a really interesting story and could stimulate some really interesting reflection and dialogue.

My question: where do I share these pictures? There are so many social media sites these days, I don't know which to chose. Do I create a dedicated Instagram? Tumblr? Kinja page (I don't know that there are enough for their own Kinja)? I have authorship privileges on the NYC Kinja and The Salad Bowl, do I create a tag and just make it a semi-regular feature on one of those?


Also, is this something anyone other than me will find interesting? Give me your thoughts, fellow internetters!