This is an article written by a 27 year old who became a nun. She was told "you are too smart" and "you are too pretty to be a nun". This saddens me greatly.

From first grade.through junior high I went to by nuns. High school run by brothers which had many nuns as teachers. College was run by nuns, school president was a nun, most undergrad departments run by nuns exception was grad school where most departments were run by lay people. The math computer science department was once run by a nun for undergrad and grad but she lost the grad school, except.that was not the reality. A tale for another post.

Nuns I found were incredibly hard working and focused teachers. When it came to education nuns were always well educated. They taught us to learn not just for the financial reward but learning was how we became better human beings. Education nurished the mind and the soul. Whether learning a subject earned a person X amout or ten times x both subjects were treated the same.

The nuns I had often had number of degrees. What did they do.with them? They taught. They paid it forward.


Contrary to popular opinion nuns were brilliant at making money. Great fundraisers but also really good administrators. In college they wanted to not just educate but knew making money was the way to stay in business. For grad school they knew best way to make money was appealing to employers and employees from various companies to takenight classes. They focused on MBA programs, in the eighties it was a huge degree program and super popular. Late eighties computer science and vast majority of those teachers worked days in industry and taught one night a week. The MBA teachers also were mainly parttimers. For.the school they were getting teachers with good practical experience and it was cheap plus most importantly we got a great education.

This article saddens me that a woman who chose a life of doing good for others in a positive way can be seen as being too pretty to do it.


Yes the church should allow women to break free of the glass ceiling when it comes to church hierarchy. For not doing it is a literal sin. When it comes to secular jobs like in education, shelters, hospitals etc nuns hold quite powerful positions as in running schools, shelters and hospitals few other religions do.this. There is no reason why a nun who is a college president could not be bishop. Her job is far tougher then any parish priest. I know growing up the grade school principal had a much tougher job running the school.then the priest did running the parish. Oh getting money handed tonyou via a basket is a lot easier then convincing parents to pay for tuition and why it needs to go up annually. I always found it odd how.they spend so much money educating nuns, giving them powerful secular positions yet be so blinded by not allowing them powerful church positions.

Oh god I went on a long tangent.