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Too scared to make large financial purchase (wan t / need to buy a car but worry about the economy in two to three years).

Long story short: I work in a field that can be rather volatile in employment terms (and I’m usually one of the first to be laid off) and while I can usually find employment quickly, I had a long term of unemployment (2008 to 2011) and quite a few years of crappy jobs up 2014.I basically feel like I have PTSD from those years.

The problem is, I also want/need to buy a new car. I’ve gone ‘carless’ the past three months and it sucks balls plus it’s costing me about the same monthly in car rental (Car2Go/ReachNow) and Ubers as it would to own a car (almost). With my currently salary, I can easily afford to by a nice-ish car (20k is my budget if I do a five year deal). My fear is that Herr Cheeto is going to completely fuck our economy even worse than Bush II managed (I know I know, certain things will in play before he ever stepped foot in the White House but his handlers made things even worse).

Am I being crazy? Overthinking this? I really really need to do this for my sanity - I don’t drive much but use my car on the weekends to enjoy the outdoors. But I don’t want to be three years into a car payment schedule and have to loose the car/my excellent credit rating because of the ... POS in the WH.


ETA: My last car I bought brand new, in 1997, for a mere 11,000 dollars. I would prefer to buy brand new and not someone else’s problems... I know I won’t be so lucky as to own my next car as long next time but I am not someone who goes through vehicles. My Sentra is in pristine shape and I always get compliments on it from people who have worked on it on how well it’s kept.

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