Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

took a sick/mental health day.

You know those days that you are feeling a little under the weather, stuffed up or sore throat, mild stomach ache etc. and you just push through and go to work because of... duty? Need to get things done? Easier to go to work then miss a day? Something like that.

I am only feeling a little off physically but a lot off emotionally. Super anxious, freaking out, getting angry with people for small things. Oof. I just needed a day. And I finally took one! I’ve only taken one sick day since the summer.


But I spent the last two hours unable feeling anxious about not going in to work, and literally just doing work! Damnit!!

I think I just overschedule/plan and need a list of things to occupy me on this mental health day. Suggestions welcome!

  1. Read my book
  2. Make chicken stock
  3. Walk in the sunshine to a nice coffee shop
  4. Clean room (slightly)
  5. Apply for jobs.

This is what I will do. Yes. Go mental health day, go!

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