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Took My Kitty to the Vet, Summer Reading Project

We took the cat to the vet yesterday to get her vaccines updated, and figured we ought to get her microchipped as well (my family got her before microchipping was a common thing). She has been assimilated. Her new designation is Shelly of Three, Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix 361.

In other news, I'm embarking on my summer reading project. The ambitious version is that I read a book a week to get ahead on my reading for Comps. The realistic version will probably be a book every two weeks. The plan is to read and annotate.


First book:

This book is just excellent all around. It's all about the marginalia of my favorite manuscript and is the first sustained study of that marginalia. Also, and this is the coolest part, some of the marginal notes are Latin and some in very late Old English. Like, more than 100 years after the Norman Conquest late. Fascinating opportunity to study the language, especially considering much of the Old English in the notes is translated from Latin. Getting a look at this kind of translation activity is super fun.

So what are your summer plans, everybody? Anybody got anything nifty planned?

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