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Took my little manny to the doctor this morning

He will be ok. The abscess is in the gum between the last 2 molars, and the gland under his jaw is all swollen and hard, BUT no fever and no facial swelling. She prescribed him Augmentin for 10 days (poor kidlet... those pills are HUGE!)

When I got to the pharmacy, the lady there told me the antibiotics were going to be $82. I asked her to run it through the insurance again, and... miracles occurred! It went through! Thank the gods.

We got him french fries from Burger King (BK and Wendy's fries are gfcf, as long as they use separate fryers) so he could take the first pill right away, and then dropped him off at school.


I ran into the principal while I was there, and she asked how he was doing, and then asked me if I had walked up there. She said that she sees us walking all the time, and if I needed it, she'd give me a ride home. I thanked her and said that my car was running for now. I thought that was awfully nice of her.

Just as a side note, though... according to the weather widget on my phone, it was -20 when I left the house at 8am. -20. Straight up temp, not even wind chill. I am so.glad. my car is running, even if the heat doesn't work anymore!

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