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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Seriously. Insurance licensing. The woooooooorst. I’ve been doing part time data entry for a year. Understanding when I can on board was that I would not ever have to do any type of phone work. Except now my boss’s supervisors or whoever want everyone licensed or to gtf out, and once licensed I will have to do phone apps. My boss is awesome and bought me as much time as possible and will try to shuffle me into other work to avoid the phones, but ugh. So now I am studying the most unbelievably boring material for a two hour test that will license me for something I won’t even do (they want everyone licensed even though we won’t be selling or advising) and that I don’t care about.


I like my boss, and my schedule and distance from my parents where my kiddo can stay, otherwise this company is just... Yuck. Without getting into it overall, it’s just not good.

Now I’m trying to stay focused and learn insurance law. Help!

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