My entire being is throbbing in pain. I must have been doing some serious teeth grinding in my sleep last night. Both upper and bottom molars on my left side are in horrible pain. That was my good side too! I can chew on the other side because I have a molar where the crown fell off that I can't afford to get fixed.

I soaked a q-tip in vodka and then rubbed it on my gums and teeth, which helped for awhile. I wanted so badly to just go to sleep, but the pain mixed with my husband snoring louder than a chainsaw made it so I got about 2 hours of sleep.

I just don't have the money to go to a dentist right now. The funny thing is I apparently have "good" dental insurance. I learned this last year when I had to get my front teeth fixed (I haven't had real front teeth since I was a kid, my last pair decided to break off) and the receptionist told me I had one of the best dental plans on the market. I paid 1,100 out of pocket for that procedure and they quoted me for another 4,000 for the bare minimum of work I would need done. That's good dental insurance?

I need so much work done on my teeth it isn't even funny. And it's not my fault, I brush/floss/rinse 3 times a day. I took some sort of ear infection medication (which is now off the market) as a kid that pretty much ruined all of my permanent teeth before they even came in.

Does anyone have any good toothache home remedies?