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Top 5 Apples

So, my husband writes me crap articles at work because I love junky msn articles. I thought I would post his most recent article to put a smile on ya'lls face.


They say that if you keep a regular consumption of them, it will negate any health related matters that may be present in your world. I suppose that medieval England would have really benefitted from them and perhaps saved a good portion of the population. Nevertheless here we are and here we are finally giving a ranking to the third most famous rose.


5. Golden delicious. It even has delicious in it's name! And it's golden!

4. The Rambo. Which came first, the apple or the trouble Vietnam war vet? Well let's just answer that question with a little fact that this was in fact the favorite apple of John Chapman aka Johnny Appleseed, the preeminent pioneer of apple farming in the United States.

3. Pink Lady. Sure it isn't a sassy apple like the Bramley or like the filthy McIntosh (filthy due to it's Irish name) but it is delicate and soft spoken with wit to last through the ages.

2. Granny Smith. Who doesn't love a playful granny these days? The Granny Smith apple is the Betty White of apples. A little ditsy and a little classy and a little off her rocker!


1. The Honeycrisp. All bow down to the honeycrisp. I will always remember the first time I sank my teeth into a delicious honeycrisp apple. It was provided by a sage-like person who knows a thing or two about apples. Truly a king amongst peasants in the apple world is the honeycrisp.

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