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Topics Which Yield Inexplicable Vitriol

There are certain seemingly benign comment mentions which, when made on the MP, are sure to receive replies mean enough to ruin my day. They are:

1. Film School. Lindy was fond of articles exposing sexism in the film industry, a discussion topic I'd generally enjoy wading into. That is, until I realized that mentioning my background in any capacity will lead to someone inevitably dropping a foul, venomous spew about my useless education, presumed douchiness, and my spoiled, unwillingness to give blow jobs to get ahead.

2. Preference for tall men. I could state a preference for brunettes or twinky dudes or dudes from the tri-state area, but the second I declare a desire for men my height or taller, I am the shallowest of shallow cunts.


3. Burning Man. Oh lawdy, does the Gawkerverse just love love love to hate hate hate on burners. This makes no kind of sense to me since burners are the closest thing I've found to a community which reflects and upholds many of the values that Jezzies applaud.

What do people bite your head off about for no reason?

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