I started watching Torchwood based on recommendations from here and from some of my real life friends. I had decently high hopes since I like Doctor Who and this was supposed to be a spin-off type thing.

I'm finding that I don't really like it. John Barrowman is wonderful but I don't find Captain Jack Harkness a compelling enough character to want to keep watching. Eve Myles, who plays Gwen, is not that great of an actress. When one of the characters has a gun on her she wigs out in the most unbelievably silly way.

The most interesting and charismatic characters are Owen, Ianto, and Toshiko. I know that some times this can happen in series where the supporting characters are far more interesting than the leads but in this case the leads are so incredibly bland in their characterizations that I can't wait until the other actors are on screen so the overwhelming blandness goes away. The supporting cast are also generally more talented actors, in my opinion.

The other thing I don't really care for in this show is how violent it is. I know that sounds weird since I love Breaking Bad and other hyper-violent shows but it's just weird seeing a show that's supposed to be a spin off of Doctor Who being all gory straight out of the gate.

I'm going to keep watching it to see if I warm to it. I didn't initially like a number of other shows I've watched so maybe I'll give it a season and decide then.