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In response to Prettyingeek's post yesterday about coming into Toronto to visit, a few of us have slapped together a last-minute meet-up like thing this evening. It's more like a 'get-together', really, so you don't have to tell your parent's you're going to a 'party' with your online friends. In case you missed the post:



Anyway, the two of us and hopefully, possibly one other will be meeting in the east end this evening at 7:30 for a few beers (or beverage of your choice). Prettyingeek is away from her computer just now, but she and I both wanted to extend the invite to anyone in the Toronto area who might have not seen this yesterday and have some free time this evening they might like to spend with some other nervous GTers.

Let us know if you would like to come. We should plan a better and bigger one for the future too. :)

Please email me at: intheweeds78 @ gmail

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