Is anyone attending on Saturday? I've got a ticket and a destination in mind: the Orphan Black panel! But no one I know in the city has actually watched Orphan Black (fail). Anyone wanna be my Orphan Black Comicon buddy? After we can go to the GT Meetup!

Also, is anyone interested in attending the Canadian Screen Awards with me? I have my ticket (they're free) but it's first come, first serve and you have to stand outside the Sony centre until they let you in. I wanted to go watch Orphan Black win ALL THE AWARDS but I dunno if I'm up to standing alone in the cold for hours.

Also general Comicon question. Do you sit in the room all day to make sure you get into the panel? Or do you wait for the previous group to leave? Because that room has Breaking Bad and 2 Hobbitses before Orphan Black and those are going to be packed panels.

Obligatory OB gif:


I'm going to post this again tomorrow because Kinja keeps eating hours of posts so no one will see it. Yaaaaay.