What is the Clarkson Cup, you may be asking? Oh you! It's the premiere women's hockey league's (CWHL) big prize! This is the league that the Olympians play in when the Olympics are not on. You don't have to wait four years to watch women's hockey! You can watch it every year online and on TV!

I wanted to live blog the game yesterday, but I wasn't able to even watch it since I had 'things to do'. harumph. Watch out for me to signal boost it next season!


Toronto won the title from the Boston Blades in a game which had no score until overtime. Britni Smith scored the winner on a rebound 33 seconds into OT. It was her first goal of the tournament. Assist was given to Natalie Spooner.

It's important that we support women's hockey. As forward Caroline Ouellette says:

"It's kind of a vicious cycle. You need the fans to get the sponsors and you need the sponsors to get the fans."


I hope that when the season starts up again, we can get some more butts in the seats!