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Toronto GT Meetup - Updated!

I know there's a mailing list but it's been quiet or it's been going to my spam filters.

Is anyone interested? I'm getting sick of being a hermit and a meetup would be a lovely way to get out of the house and hang with fun people.


ETA: If you want to be on the list, please email the lovely intheweeds at: intheweeds78 @ gmail dot com.

ETA 2: Location suggestions! Easy TTC access is a big one for all of us, I think. I'd like someplace that serves a decent latte/cappuccino as I don't drink alcohol and can't drink soda/juices. So a location that serves alcohol (if people want to drink) as well as fancy espresso beverages would be great.

UPDATE: Missy Pants has created a Doodle Poll here to determine the best date/time.

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