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Toronto/Michigan Gters: 10/10 - Would Meet Again

I just got back from meeting JCat80 and Prettyingeek tonight. I was super nervous that people wouldn't like me in person but I'm sure a lot of people feel like that. If you ever want to go to a GT meetup and you are worried about that, I'm here to tell you to chill.

We had a great time. Everyone was kind, friendly and funny and I came away liking the two of them even more. It will be awesome to see them again sometime!

I'm so sorry that it was such short notice and a lot of people who wanted to come weren't able. We will definitely plan a bigger one with more lead time later on. Please email me at intheweeds78 @ gmail so we can put you on the list of people who want to come to a Toronto meetup and make sure you get to be involved.


I took this picture on my way home and I think it sums up my feelings right now:

Stay frosty Groupthink.

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