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Toronto Police Bring Guns to a Knife Fight

A young man on the Dundas street car apparently exposed himself and brandished a knife telling the passengers to leave. Which they did. The car stopped around Bellwoods Ave. where police arrived to apprehend the suspect. Unfourtunately everything goes south from there.

The officers (there appears to be several in the video) brandish their weapons and tell the man to drop his knife several times. When the man doesn't appear to comply the officers shot him. Nine shots. It's also alleged that after entering the street car the man was tasered. Keep in mind the street car was empty no one was in harm's way, including the officers.

Is this how we train our police Chief Blair?! Is this protocol?

Warning link contains video of the incident, where the man is shot. You hear the shots but cannot see the man go down. It's disturbing regardless. http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/toronto/p…


ETA: The Metro Daily Toronto had a piece this morning looking into the training police receive as it relates to dangerous situations. I will give three quotes/excerpts and provide a link.

"Summerville [retired staff Sergeant with the Toronto Police Service] notes police are taught to consider any sharp-edge weapon as potentially life-threatening. They’re also taught that it’s easy to harm someone with a sharp-edged weapon, but hard to defend against one."


“It’s a subjective threat,” he said. “Certainly, different officers might perceive different threats and could respond to it differently. A subjective threat assessment is based on what the individual officers thought or perceived and what they were dealing with at that moment.”

“But we need to recognize that police officers are always taught to take reasonable steps to do everything possible to prevent the application of force, and use of force with a firearm is a last-ditch effort — with all due respect, there’s nothing left available to you,” he said. http://metronews.ca/news/toronto/7…


And from Chief Blair http://metronews.ca/news/toronto/7…

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