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Do you have a favourite upscale/classy dancey place in Toronto?

I'm planning a bachelorette party with a group of women, and we are stuck on a location to end the night - we want classy, upscale, and fun, but people in Toronto must be picky or the clubs really suck, because all of the reviews have some red flags in them. Yikes. I can't figure this out from Yelp alone!


We're going to be in the Little Italy area for our pre-drinking party, but we could go out of our way for a good place. We're all mid-20s or older, so we're trying to find a way to be dancey without rubbing shoulders with bros and barfing sorority girls (sorry, I'm used to the Western crowd, yikes).

Any advice would be entirely appreciated! :) I found this kickass place called Ballet, which has burlesque dancers, but the bride wants classy so the mostly-naked women got nixed.

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