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Tossing Expired Food?

A little background: My mom was born during the Great Depression, and due to her upbringing she became what I deem a Food Horder. A few years ago my sister and I cleaned out her cupboards and there was food (canned, bags, opened, unopened, you name it) that was over 10 years old! We had to fight with her to let us trash it.

She also keeps refrigerated condiments forever, like a bottle of Mayo for 4+ years, the same with salad dressings, etc.


I, being single and with awful eating habits, have turned into the opposite. I'll have a bottle of Mayo that sits unopened for over a year. Last year I traveled 250+ days of the year. So I go through and throw anything away that is a few months past its expiration date. Then I feel horrible for throwing away food.

So GT, help me out. The photo below are some expired items. Can I keep them or need to toss them?


1. Peanut Butter, unopened, expired 2/13

2. Shredded Cheese, unopened, expired 11/14

3. Nesquick Syrup, opened, expired 9/14

4. Pesto Sauce, unopened, expired 2/14

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Also, what about frozen foods, meats, ice cream? I have ice cream that expired a year ago and meats that are over a year old in my freezer. Or it may take me two years to go through a box of Frozen Burritos or Tacquerios or Chicken Nuggets.

And condiments in my fridge like Mayo, Relish, Pickles, Ketchup, Tarter Sauce, Hot Sauce, Cocktail Sauce, Jelly? Good to keep after they expire?


Thanks GT! I want to learn to be less wasteful and not so fearful of expiration dates if I don't need to be.

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