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Totally confused by Hannibal - spoilery questions

Not only was this week's episode of Hannibal hard to understand .... it was *literally* hard to understand since moodiness seems to have overtaken both the audio and video.



Who were those two random guys, one of whom ends up with the pigs instead of H? Are we really to believe that Will chose to free H? Did we know that Bedelia had reappeared? Do we know who the patient she 'killed' was? Is Jack's wife still alive (either way, he's handling it oddly well)?


I realize the Vergers are necessary to set up 3rd book stuff that won't happen for a while but they are poor substitutes for Beverly and Frederick. If they can kill Frederick, who is necessary later, then they can do anything, so they could have done without the Vergers as well. Also, I am certain that Abigail is still alive and that's my prediction for season-finale reveal.

I dunno, I think this is a great program but the last two episodes have seemed sadly below par.

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