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Welcome To The Bitchery

Totally inane post

I really wish that Facebook could differentiate between the people I want to Facebook stalk and the people I'm actually friends with. The person I was in a play with in the seventh grade and continue to stalk because I am FASCINATED by the fact that she went to a super religious college and got married super young just showed up in my "favorite" list on FB chat, which is super awkward because we have not actually spoken since we were 13. Figure this shit out, Facebook. You've got computers and nerds. You can make this happen.

ETA- Also, when I unsubscribe from somebody, so they don't show up in my newsfeed, I don't want other friends' posts that they're tagged in to show up in my newsfeed! I rarely remove people, so when I do it's because I'm so angry that I literally cannot stand to see anything to do with them, and I don't want to know when my other friends are hanging out with them, kthanks.


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