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Totally Random Grooming Question

So, here is something I've been wondering about for ages and I've never gotten a clear answer. If this seems like a stupid question, please forgive me. Sometimes I feel like I don't do "being a girl/woman" right for a variety of reasons so I thought I would ask.

So, is it a universal thing that people shave their arms? I don't mean underarms/armpits, I mean their actual arms. Particularly if you have dark hair.

I am black and I have dark hair on my forearms; but, you can still see the hair. Is it weird that I don't shave my arms (or bleach them for that matter)? I only ask because sometimes I look at other women and I'm like, "Hey, she doesn't have hair on her arms! I do have hair on my arms. Am I supposed to shave my arms?" But, I also know that some people don't grow hair on their arms or don't have visible hair on their arms, so maybe they don't shave.


I don't know, it's just something I've sort of always wondered about. I don't grow hair on my legs, so I don't shave my legs. I actually don't have a lot of body hair in general and when I do shave sensitive areas (ahem) it is usually a real, physical pain. So, I just am not a fan of shaving which in turn means I have neglected to learn about common, American lady grooming standards.

So, what about you guys? Do you shave your arms or no? And yes, I know it's all up to me and I have survived fine for years not shaving my arms. I'm just curious what the norm is. :)

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