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Totally Unsurprised, Sadly

TW Suicide, mental health, domestic abuse




You know those couple of high profile criminal cases in the past year or so where the girlfriend was charged with murder when the boyfriend died by suicide? And how we were basically like “understand why these charges were made, but yeah what about when men pressure women” etc etc.


Well, we have a situation where a women died by suicide and the family and friends are saying the ex pushed her to that point.

From the article:

Roady posted text messages supposedly from her ex on Facebook just hours before ending her life. One of the texts reads, “u ought of just try again and kill yourself for real.”


Roady also posted a message on Facebook saying, “I just can’t live with these insults and these awful lies and this bullying anymore. Please, make him pay.”


And, as I am sure you all expected, also per the article “St. Louis City police told News 4 this is currently being handled as a non-criminal incident and that the medical examiner’s investigation is ongoing.”

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