There really is no such thing as a bad John Williams theme. Star Wars, Raiders of The Lost Ark, Schindler’s List. Yet it most people’s minds he is intwined with science fiction and adventure especially George Lucas and Steven Spielberg.

Here is my favorite three:

Superman the movie. Saw this movie so many times. Best by a million miles Superman movie and this theme pushed it by half a million.

The second listed for my favorite is Jurassic Park. I would have to say this moment its my favorite. Fairly sure orchastra is Boston Pops or Boston Symphony Orchastra. The stage is in Boston.

Third is strictly nostalgia a show I loved as a kid in the 70s watching on syndication. I then loved the theme song, still do. Not his best but even then showed what an incredible future he had. This is a graphic remaster of original season one openning. Looks cool. I wish they did a total visual upgrade of Lost In Space.

So what’s your favorite.