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Why. The fuck. Is everything. PINK???? Sure, it suits my girly-girl niece (let's call her Angelina), who is all about the pink and will love tutus and dolls and whatnot. But my other niece (let's call her Charlotte)? No way. She's a little tomboy. She plays with her brother's trucks and throws herself with abandon around the house. We like to think she's the little gymnast. Angelina is definitely a ballerina-musician type. Charlie loves her trampoline and playing outside with her dad while he does yardwork. She likes driving her brother's Jeep. She is having a Minnie Mouse phase, because her mother insists on buying her everything Minnie. Minnie Mouse is dressed in pink now. All of her coordinating toys involve pink in some way. It's fine. That's part of the brand. I get it. But what happens if I don't want to buy her something on-brand? What happens if I want to get her something that makes her think, or learn? Do I have to go to the "boys section" to find things in rainbow colors? I got her a sweater for her birthday. A little grey one with polar bears with purple scarves on it. It's adorable. I went to the boy section of the store for it. I wanted to find her clothes that looked like her. She is not sunflowers on ruffles; she's not pink ballet tops. She'd wear overalls if any of them fit over her chunky legs. (BTW, if anyone knows of overalls for toddlers made of stretch denim, let me know.) Charlie don't take no shit; she's an independent girl. Why must we dress her in what conformity dictates as "proper girl clothing?" She hasn't really worn dresses since she started to crawl; she got real pissed at them when she tried to move forward and got choked, because she was kneeling on the skirt. Toys are even worse. My mother got her a toy purse, which irked me, but Charlie loves bracelets right now, and she wears it like a bracelet, down by her elbow, with her hands up and to the side, so nothing falls off her arms. It's adorable, so I've decided to let it slide. How much of this "pink toys for girls" bullcrap am I supposed to take part in? I wouldn't mind the toys—she'll play with them however her imagination desires to—but why must they be pink? Little girls love rainbows, too. This pink thing is seriously out of control.

I saw this extended ad this morning, and I love its statement. I hope other toy companies hear it, too.

Also, MCA, in his will, said he would not allow his music to be used for advertising. Does this qualify? Would he have made an exception for this? Would he at least approve?


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