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Tracks You Love Despite Problematic Lyrics

All that talk about Damon Dash on the MP has me thinking about all of the music I listened to growing up. Being a lover of rap and hip hop, much of the music I listened to was deragatory toward women, not all, but a lot of it. It wasn't until I was 18 that my tastes evolved and I found hip hop that wasn't so misogynisitc and some even celebratory of women. However, even though I can recognize and take issue with the lyrics in many of the songs I grew up on... I still love me some Too Short. It is what I was listening to around the time when I lost my virginity. As far as I'm concerned, whatever music was playing near the time you gave it up is your shit for life. I'm feeling nostalgic so please feel free to share your favorite rap/hip hop videos or whatever you were listening to the first time you bumped uglies with someone.

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