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Trader Joe's Plant Woes

So I live in a tiny apartment and am trying to spruce it up with foliage. My apartment is pretty dark but it has one window that get's light or about 6 hours a day. On Monday I bought one of those small rose plants to sit in the window and by yesterday it was dead.

I get it, my apartment is kind of dark. But just to check if it was because of the light, I watered the plant (moderately) and stuck it out in the sunshine all day yesterday. Still dead. Super dead. Can I return it to Trader Joe's? A plant should take longer than two days to die right.


Also, because I'm a dummy, I don't have a receipt. I don't typically keep them because I've never had to return something to a grocery store before. Am I going to look like a crazy person if I show up with a dead plant and request an exchange for another one, or another type of plant (because now I don't trust those rose plants for shit)?

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