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SOLD! Want your own topaz/amethyst? I just worked up a quote and they'd be $50 w/the same quality stones/setting at about a size 6 3/4 - 7 1/2,, $60 sized to any other sizes between a 4 - 12, $6 shipping. Hell, want some other combo? Go ahead and email me at soberishauntkanye at gmail. We can talk. (What am I doing? This is crazy talk!)

As many of you know, I used to be a jeweler, and one of the weird things that is true of all ex-jewelers, I'm sure, is that we find abandoned settings in weird places. Recently I ran across a couple of sterling ring settings and decided to set them with a few of the stones I still have. Once upon a time I grew an almost million dollar business starting with these simple little sterling rings with quirky stone combos, and it tickled me to come across the settings. :)


I was planning on putting them on eBay. But, first dibs if either speaks to you.

The first is natural (irradiated) Swiss blue topaz that is just killer gorgeous with natural amethyst accents. The center stone is an 8x6mm, 1.5ct, accents are 4mm rounds, .2ct ea. My cost to create this ring today would be $36, selling for $25. Size is 6 3/4's.

Here are some quick cell phone pix (the amethysts are matched, but the lighting isn't great today):


One thing I love - this setting originally calls for trillion/triangle accents but I played around and set rounds instead... and they still look like trilliants.


The next one shares all of the specs as the first ring, but has a pretty simulated alexandrite (that has the barest hint of color change from purple to a purple-blue-green), with natural white zircon accents. This one would cost $28 to produce today, selling for $20 (not much of a bargain, sorry!) Note: zircon is very sparkly IRL, but doesn't have the "fire" of a diamond, so it photographs poorly.


Any jewelers in the house? I've also got some miscellaneous loose stones that can go - there's a really pretty set of 3 matched 7x5mm emerald cut Swiss blue topaz, and a gorgeous natural pink tourmaline 7x5mm emerald cut that has a chip that can easily be hidden with a bezel setting. And others. I just have a lot of random stuff.


(Let me know if anyone's interested in pix of the loose stones. OR, if you have any random loose gemstone requests in mostly accent stone sizes.)

Email me with any questions and for my PayPal email, at my new kinja mail: soberishauntkanye at gmail. (I kept forgetting the freaking password to my old one!)


Paypal, of course, shipping will be $6, priority mail to the US. If you're outside of the US... it might be cost-prohibitive.

Now, what do YOU have to sell today?

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