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Trading Spaces Last Episode Was A Classic









It was Clinton Kelly VS Hildi. Yay Hildi. They were doing cellars.

1. Clinton was 100 percent correct the color scheme should have been blue, brown, light blue on the walls. The couple heliping insisted having it white between the two blues. It just looked unfinished.


2. Hildi. OMG this was her best work ever. I mean that in a good way. I loved her room. I said to my mother “I need those stencils in my bedroom and the den.”. All our walls except these two and her bedroom the walls all contain wallpaper and the shapes on the wallpaper is leaves. So if you look at any wall except for these three which are painted the walls are wallpaper of leaves.

Hildi stenciled most of the walls with leaves. She stenciled leaves on the wall.


I loved it. Not as good as the wallpaper we had as a child in the dining room which was green velvet with leaves.

3. For the first time ever both let me repeat both homeowners HATED their room. One even used the f bomb when she saw it. The homeowner who got Hildi’s beautiful room. Worse the homeowner she referred to the walls as “crayola”. It was art.


I would have hugged Hildi if she did these stenciled leaf walls in my bedroom and den.

Worse, worse my mother agreed with the homeowner. She also does not want to buy velvet wallpaper again. I guess I have the good designer gene in the family. I loved that velvet wallpaper we had in the 70s.

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