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Welcome To The Bitchery

Did anyone else watch the Trading Spaces reboot tonight?

It’s the same concept as before: pick a room to be redesigned and executed by your neighbor and a mystery designer with no input or control. They’ve upped the budget to $2000/room. They had a season preview at the end and it looks like they brought back a lot of the original designers and that there will also be a few new ones.

Of course they had to bring back some of the more controversial designers for the big premier, Hildi and Doug. Hildi continues to be as insufferable as ever, coming across more spiteful than I remember. She makes for good tv but I would be so angry if I got stuck with Hildi as a designer. The couple who worked under her seemed excited to see her but more in a “Thank God you’re not at my house!” Way. I wonder how much producer input encourages the designers to do off the wall things.


There was a reunion episode before the new series premier and they asked the designers what they thought/felt when people didn’t like their designs. Some of them, like Laurie, said it was hard because you went in with good intentions and you did something you thought would work in their life parameters. Paraphrasing, Hildi said that her vision was more important and that if you hire a designer you hire their vision.

Side note: It was funny to see some highlights from the original series and to see just how sparse some of the rooms really were and how some of the trendy decor of the early 2000s has not held up.

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