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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Trading Spaces Tonight My Eyes Hurt Too Much Color, Ty

Today is what the carpenters who were the designers. So we had Ty vs Carter. Carter got a rather small room. His design was really good although the walls were a but too cluttered but I loved the color scheme for the walls. It looked really relaxing. The couple loved it.

Ty oh dear god. I bet he loved crayons as a kid. The wall he did a graphic design in subdued colors that really looked nice. Did he say “thats enough?” nope. He added random colors. The couch ok it looked bad when it came in but the color and graphic scheme hurt my eyes. Way too busy. The floor. Oh god it was tiles of different bright colors, upside it did not cover the entire floor. The before looked a zillion times better then after. The wife said “I don’t hate it”. The husband looked none too pleased. The wife finally said a forced “I like it” when the other couple was there but it was an obvious, “I know you worked hard and I do not want to hurt your feelings”.


Carter won by a mile.if it was a football game it would be 70 to 0 for Carter.

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