Note: I'm sure someone else posted about this back in March, but I am rippin pissed about what looks to be utter celluloidturdvomit.

Like many a child, I read this novel growing up. I read it many, many times, and it was beautiful and perfectly constructed and wretched and everything Lowry is good at.


Most immediate complaints:

  • The book was (initially) in black and white. This sounds weird if you have never read it, but it was totally in black and white and it made sense until Jonas begins his sessions. The movie should have been, as well.
  • Jonas was a preteen. A preteen! Like 11 or 12 (maybe 13?) in the novel. It is important in the transition from innocence/safety toward dangerous and beautiful knowledge of what it means to be truly human.
  • Whitewashing! HOLY HELL. After watching the whole trailer, I am just not impressed on this front. There were characters of color. Color in every way is SO IMPORTANT to the plot of the book. For one, I imagined at least a few of Jonas's friends to be of non-Caucasian presentation. For another, and more importantly, whitewashing.
  • Super furturism? I clearly recall the book being set in a not-too-distant future type situation, not A Brave New World style future. INjections? No, there was something else in the novel, a sort of psychic hold related to The Giver and The Receiver being present in The Community. It wasn't necessarily chemically induced, but it was something that Jonas could undo himself.
  • Lack of snow. It may seem minor, but yes, this was so significant to my experience of the book that it remains a singular image and I'm thoroughly annoyed by its absence.


Will not be seeing this nonsense, which comes out onAugust 15 . However, I do like that Bridges hasn't just become The Dude once again in a mentoring role (ahem, Tron: Legacy). Streep, Bridges... they're better than this adaptation. HARRUMPH.