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Train lessons: parents have special rights to cabs; you don't have to show a ticket if you're you

As I get out of the cab at the train station, there is a youngish guy (#1) with bags/instruments who seemed to be next in the queue and was waiting for me to get out. Our of nowhere another guy (#2) jumps in front of him, almost knocking me over, and says "I have two kids."

My cab driver was slow and stupid, so I only had 8 minutes to get to my train and could not stop to give him shit.

1. Guy #2, i know you have kids and they can be traumatizing to travel with. But you don't know what guy#2 has got going on in his life. He might have been going to a make-or-break audition; he might have been going to visit his own kid— who is sick in the hospital! He may have been going to do some Make-A-Wish gig for a child dying of leukemia like that poor girl right before Christmas.


2.You don't know because you didn't even give the guy a chance to be gracious: "hey, my kid is about to puke his guts out, can I have this cab?

3. What model are you being for your kids? Shit my dad taught me: how to be a douchebag.

Now I'm on the quiet car. There's a woman arguing with the conductor that she can't give him a ticket now because she's got to take this Very Important Phone Call. WE ARE ON THE DAMN QUIET CAR.
OMG, evidently he left and a different conductor is trying to get her her give up a ticket. She just said, "I will come find you when I've finished my call. You are wasting time."

I'd have more sympathy for the first conductor except for he's given me attitude since I got on the train. Excuse me that I didn't remember the train # after running through the train station and wanted to check as I got on. I knew the departure time & route. I asked nicely and gave you a huge smile. Evidently, you would have been nicer if I said fuck you and your job right to your face.

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