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Trans activist and student Monica Jones deported back to US from Australia

Update: according to @avflox on Twitter, due to the legal delays and deportation Jones has failed her university course.

Full disclosure: I don't really know what's going on, as I'm not on Twitter where most of this seems to be happening, I just saw a link on Facebook. I've checked but Jezebel and ROYGBIV don't seem to have anything up yet. Apparently allegations were made that Jones engaged in sex work here in Australia, in violation of her student visa. Also, this, from Twitterer(?) @TaliLow:


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If you're on Twitter it looks like the hashtag #StandWithMonica is where most of the information is at. Sex worker rights advocates are protesting outside court where her hearing is taking place. @TalieLow tweeted the above, and also that "Monica has decided not to fight the deportation, but will continue to fight the case from the U.S."


Transgender African American sex worker activist and student Monica Jones is being held in immigration detention in Villawood since Friday with no access to visitation rights. Monica has been vocal advocate for the rights of people of colour, trans people and sex workers. Monica is being restricted entry to Australia in order to complete the 3 weeks remaining on her student placement after which she has a return ticket home to the US. Monica is in her 4th and final year of her social work degree. Without completion of her final 3 weeks of her student placement, Monica will fail this semester.

Her advocacy work will be significantly facilitated by the completion of her student placement, where she plans to work as a social worker for her community after graduation.


In the US, people of colour and trans women are disproportionately affected by HIV. Monica had hoped to learn from the successes of Australia's response to HIV, in particular by peer led sex worker organisations and community led responses to HIV, that is internationally recognised as a success. She had hoped to learn from the success of Australian peer led programs to achieve similar successful outcomes for African American, transwomen and sex workers in the US. This has been compromised by the Australian Governments refusal of Monica's entry to Australia.

Monica wishes to highlight the stigma and discrimination experienced by sex workers, transwomen and people of colour that led to her profiling at the border and her subsequent detention. On World AIDS


Day we recognise that it is this stigma and discrimination that fuels the HIV epidemic.

Sex workers, trans people and allies are protesting at the Federal Law courts at 2pm (SYDNEY AUSTRALIA TIME) where Monica's case will be heard on Monday. Community members, activists and allies will stand in solidarity with Monica to show the Australian Government that together with Monica we won't stand for racism, transphobia and whorephobia.



More about Monica Jones can be found here:

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