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Trans advice needed

My friend came out to me as trans. S/he is very dear to me and I was very flattered that I was one of the few people s/he trusted to tell. The thing is, s/he's been vague about details (in FB photos for instance, he is male; he is the international director of XXX for a Fortune 500 company, so I don't know how he is working this out professionally); s/he is still married, he DID tell me his wife is accepting, but his communication has been more about WHY he thinks he is trans (medication mother took) than HOW he is playing this. I'm totes comfortable with whatever s/he chooses to do, and s/he knows this, but here is my question — what are the stoopid questions trans people get asked all the time so I can avoid being insensitive? We're meeting for lunch Thursday. I'm not generally an ass and our relationship has always been very comfortable so I think I'll be OK but this is new relationship territory for both of us, and I want to be gentle with her soul.


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