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What are your opinions on this case Groupthink? I know there are plenty of people here that understand trans issues and I want to know what you all say.

BTW, do not read the comments on that article. It's Yahoo so assume the worst.

I think she should be allowed to use the women's restrooms. Duh, obviously. But at 14, I would have been so freaked out if a girl who was still biologically a boy was in my bathroom. And I was the type of kid who always got dressed in the shower stalls, I was that uncomfortable with being unclothed in a public space. I would have thought she was invading a female safe space. How can we educate kids on these issues? How do you think you would have reacted at that age? I feel like hitting younger me in the face, but I was so uneducated on these issues back then and I know I wasn't alone.


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