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A while back I posted about having to leave a position because of my dick ex-boyfriend / co-worker

They posted a statement about the new direction the company has taken. It was laughable. Translating the bullshit using what I know, the statement translates as:

"Well it's been a tough year. Everyone, we fucked up. We fucked up bad and dropped the ball. Turns out there's only a few of us left, and well because of that the company is gonna get smaller. But please bare with us. We will still provide the services, just in a new smaller form. We still believe all the same things and want our goal to be the same. We are still gonna be super awesome, but we have over stretched our limits and alienated our clients.


We've had to re-think who we are and re-organize the business. I as the leader had a big hissy fit and attacked all of our good people who then left, because I am allegedly not the centre of the universe. I too find it hard to believe. BUT this means we are on to better things. (No, no you aren't because you'll shoot yourself in the face again. I deeply look forward to being showered in the blood of your failure and joyously licking it off my hands.)

I want to take this time to thank our previous business partners, because without using you, we wouldn't have gone this far."

Damn straight and now get off my internet lawn.

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