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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Translation fun with french dudes

I'm staying in a hostel at the moment and currently sharing my 5* accommodation (not seen a cockroach yet!) with a couple of french dudes. Their English is woeful and my French is worse.

After pointing at various parts of their skin trying to work out the English for whatever they were pointing out - leaving me rather flummoxed, I eventually realised they were looking for the word "freckles". The whole conversation had me in fits:

Me: "Arm"?

FD: "Non"

Me: "Arm hair?"

FD: "Mais Non"

Me: "Skin?"

Other FD (in very heavy french accent): "You know... erm... 'Grains of Beauty?'"

I dissolved at that point in tears of laughter. It may have been one of those "you have to be there moments" but I'm going to refer to all freckles from now on as that.


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