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Sorry it’s been a while, the writing’s been keeping me busy. I’m doing pretty well so far; got added to a client’s list (which means more work from that client here and there), and a veteran of the site gave me pointers on improving my profile.

But! I wanted to let you all know about this new update. WA just announced today they’re opening positions for translators. If any of you can translate and have wanted to do freelance writing, you might give them a look.


It’s funny. One of my cousins married a Korean woman, and my aunt (his mom) was just asking me last night if this site offered any sort of translation services. I said I’d tell her if anything came up, and I woke up to this. *cue spooky music*

ETA: Here’s the announcement, with instructions (though this is geared toward back-end folks like me, it does give some advice.)

[2/22/2016] Translation Application Live

WriterAccess has opened up a new application for translators. Anyone from a beginner translator up to a notary certified legal translator can apply. If you are interested, you can apply here.


Application Tips:

1. You will need to sign up with a different e-mail address then your current WriterAccess account.


2. When filling out the application, your Native Language will default to the Target Language in the Language Pair section. You will be able to add an additional Native Language once the initial application is approved.

3. Please be sure to fill out the application in full. Approval as a WriterAccess Writer does not guarantee approval as a Translator, and vice versa.


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